Soul Mate or Scam Bait?

Soul Mate or Scam Bait?

However, when you text a person on a Friday morning, an hour later log onto OK Cupid to find said person online when you still don’t have any text from said person, operation “conclusion jumping” has already commenced. The only conclusion I jump to at this point in my dating career in this particular situation is that he’s an asshole. I didn’t know what “ghosting” was until I entered the world of online dating and, let me tell you, it’s just another word for being an asshole. What happened to saying, “Hey, I think you’re great but, just not for me” or “I’ve decided to become a priest so I won’t be needing a girlfriend.” Lie or tell the truth but DON’T BE RUDE and not respond. This has happened to me several times, before a date and even after a couple. I’m beginning to wonder, on what planet were these men raised?imlive advanced If you’re not interested in someone, even after a couple dates, be honest and upfront. It’s not hard, guys. Feelings change for one reason or another, albeit in New York City, people’s feelings change from one sip of Starbucks to the next. After sending this around to some of my friends, I’ve been told that A) this is f**king fabulous and SPOT ON and B) I need to read Aziz Ansari’s book Modern Romance: An Investigation because apparently great minds think alike. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: men, Online Dating, romance We all have a different sense of what style is, therefore it is not strange that two persons, regardless of feelings they have to each other, can dislike each other’s clothing.

While this doesn’t sound like something that could cause any solid relationship a serious problem, it can often grow into something bigger. Her dislike for your oversized navy sweater can be just a frown on her face or an eye-roll when you’re wearing it at the beginning. Before you know it, she won’t be able to glance at you without seeing that sweater. She won’t be willing to take you to her friends’ celebrations or work events. Where once was an untamable passion, there will be a tiny flame struggling to survive. OK, we would have taken it way too far, but you get the picture. Now, let’s make things easier for you. Look for the signs it’s not likely that she will straight out say to you that she doesn’t like the way you dress, even if you are, in most cases, honest to each other. It would likely not look in this manner, but this is a delicate subject. So, look for clues that might indicate that she would give you a fool makeover. Oh no, your oversized navy sweater has gone missing! If you notice that your clothing pieces magically disappear sometimes, that might be your girl, telling you to restore them with something better.She always insists on picking your outfits for special events and she actually is a little too excited to accomplish that.She provides a bunch of compliments about one particular outfit she likes.She always comes back with her shopping trips with a few items for you, suggesting your wardrobe is in serious significance of some updating.She acts distant and looks uncomfortable when you two are together in public. Help her help you Be honest, you couldn’t care less about what you are wearing. It’s probably your ego that is making you flaunt the mentioned sweater or a worn-out band name T-shirt.

So, if this is something she cares about, let her get it.  Ask her to go shopping with you. Let her know you value her opinion and want to hear her input. And then actually take her advice. Of course, if she shows something you really hate and feel uncomfortable in, respectfully decline and ask to try on something different. If you can’t be a good original, function as best copy “Mad Men”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Suits”… There are so many TV shows that have set the bar for gentlemen’s style, if you can’t come up with something original, it is possible to steal from their book. Even David Beckham became infatuated with TV-inspired fashion, and these days he looks like he’s buying his clothes at the same store as Tommy Shelby. What most of these characters are trying to tell you is that you can’t make a mistake with mens suits, especially when they are well-fitting. There is a suit for each and every occasion, ranging from a family visit to a classy wedding. The best thing about suits is that you can use them as an outline for constructing your casual style too – tailoring, color combinations, and layering become a piece of cake once you’ve mastered the

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The answer to this question came to Mel Gibson in the romantic 2000 comedy the hard way, but when it comes to dressing up, it doesn’t take a lot of brainstorming to figure it out. Here are a few basic tips to keep you sharp: Instead of “statement” T-shirts, wear button-up shirts.If you are going with a T-shirt, try a basic one.Keep your jeans not too tight, not too loose.Choose a pair of stylish sneakers that go well with everything.If you wish to hold on to your youthful appearance, adapt it to your present age. Lenny Kravitz is a good example of pulling off the age-appropriate rock style with class.Be clean and tidy. Should you want to be loved – love! The problem may not be only in the way you dress. It could be something deeper, such as how are you feeling while you are wearing those close. Are you oozing confidence or self-doubt? Your partner might just want to see you happy and have a positive self-image.

By doing this, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you will look well.  When Jaime Lannister said “The things we do for love”, he didn’t exactly mean switching his golden cape for Lannister signature colors, because Cersei wants him to, but he would do that too if she wanted it. The bottom line is that relationships need constant work if one of the actions you need to take is changing the way you dress, take action. Nonetheless, another thing that relationships require is honesty and if you do have any doubts, you can try to talk about it with your girlfriend and start with a clean slate, or should we say – a clean wardrobe. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook12Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: clothing, Fashion, men’s fashion, men’s lifestyle Neighbor John is less pimp than Neighbor Larry. Look upon Larry’s majestic locks and that stare. It’s time, once more for an edition of “Ask the Urban Dater.” Today, fortunately, we don’t have to deal with a question about why a guy is fascinated with girl and girl midget fireman hentai porn.

This is a very good thing and I’m so very relieved that individuals can skirt that type of question. Today’s question is brought to us by the Buffy that is lovely Urethra Slayer.  That said, let’s get to the nitty gritty and get down to business with Buffy. Cover your urethra, gentlemen. Buffy, the Urethra Slayer So, I’ll never be Mrs. Neighbor John and I’m “okay” with it. That’s how the story goes anyway. I live on the third floor and Neighbor John on the second floor, for the past three years. Well, we had a “thing.” Okay, okay I pretty much pleasured him. I got something out of it, too! He’s funny and I enjoyed the banter; the spooning was top. He would throw ice cubes off his patio to have my attention while I was laying poolside. The sexting messages were steamy; I frequently did the walk of shame in the middle of the night wearing nothing more than an overcoat ( there are some other neighbors; it’s a condo). Things between us ended badly… He was still involved in a long distance girlfriend it turns out; and to add insult to injury he found a LARGER woman! Even more interesting was that I would see her car parked in his spot!!

That bugged the crap out of me. Well, it’s been a year and we both still live here; sure i have seen other men. Hell I was seeing other men even while I was “pleasuring” Neighbor John! Nonetheless, I can’t help but to feel irritated. HELP! Just how do I get past this feeling, short of moving! Oh, Buffy! I know just how you feel!! I am able to sympathize with being irritated by a man you’re pleasuring! Hmm. Actually, that’s not true at all because if it were true (which, as I’ve already told you, is not at all true!) my girlfriend would perform Baraka’s Fatality move, from Mortal Kombat. Moving on… So here’s what I’m getting from you, Buffy.

You had a fling using this guy; you used him and he used you. You treated each other like pieces of meat and tore at each other like starving carnivores over a single piece of game. That’s what this boils down to. What’s interesting here is that what you’re feeling is something that I talked about with Single Much and Single City guy, in NYC, a couple weekends ago. You see, Single Much bumped into her exe’s ex girlfriend at the bar that individuals were all hanging out at. I told her that the girl at the bar wasn’t as cute as her, that will be true. Single Much felt better, her ego was boosted. Why? Subconsciously we need validation; we want to know that we’re a damn good catch and likely better than the next tramp our ex scoops out of the gutter. Not to say that Neighbor John scooped you out of the gutter, obviously. �� Translation: Neighbor John took a dump on your ego. He was giving his attention to various other woman that you felt “didn’t measure up.” You see, Neighbor John seemingly chose a less appealing woman than you. In your mind you may be asking yourself, “What the f*ck does that tubby lady have that I don’t?” Who knows.

It’s possible this heroic lady was a superior “lay,” maybe she gives better head than you.  Does it surely matter, though? We both know it doesn’t matter at all.

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Right? So what can you do about this and get within the “hump,” so to speak? There’s a couple of a few ideas of your skill. The first idea is from my niece: “ I would take a bag of dog shit and light it on fire on that dude’s patio.” That’s kinda why I adore my niece so much. She’s an asshole, like her Uncle!  My advice is always to confront the situation head on and actually invite the two over for dinner or out for drinks. Be friendly and engage them and be “first.” My best friend’s step dad once told me that when confronted by a situation of great awkwardness, such as seeing an ex you’d rather not see, you should approach the situation first.

That is, say “hello” to the object of your discomfort. Meet them head on and engage them; show them that you’re confident and you don’t give a damn about what they’re doing with or to each other. Of course you could either find a random dude from the bar (or hire a male escort) and screw the guy’s brains out in a spot where Neighbor John will see you, by doing this you’ll know that HE knows you’re getting your ship rocked better than he ever could. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Sex, Tips & Advice Tagged in: long distance relationships, sexting We’re at it again, more from ‘Ask the Urban Dater,’ our user generated submissions to us about their problems and mishaps where we attempt to say something of meaning and use. Good fucking luck with that. So feel free to read-our reader’s question: Hi, I (48) am dating this wonderful guy (57) who seems to be greatly into me. Gives me a goodtime, cares for me, makes me laugh, plans nice dates (occasionally though) and more of the good stuff. My issue is, he has an ex-wife that he is sepatrated and finally divorced from. He is still in touch with her in a way that I find uncomfortable. He says he left her, because their sex life was not working.

So he decided after a a decade marriage to move on. They still talk on phone, go to each other both publically, privately and in family functions. He says she actually is his soulmate and best friend. He takes her out to dinners, movies and music concerts. He also works as her handyman when she needs him. They are friends on facebook and pretty interactive with each other. He is also involved in her family. This makes me feel uncomfortable as he desires to start a new relationship with me. I wonder if he or she still have something remaining in the department of feelings. This makes me feel insecure as to he probably desires to use me unly for sexual monogamy and still emotionally involved in her. They do not have young ones together, nor do they work together, nor have any joint property or business together. For me it really is hard to accept she constantly being into the picture still. My question is should I dump him for this or is it my insecurities that are making me feel uncomfortable? An advise from men’s perspective will be really helpful. — Tanya Harding Well Tanya, this one ain’t easy.

But I’ll give it the ol’ college try. There’s a certain level of comfort we build with someone after a period of time has passed. Their voices are familiar and even soothing, though, you may not know it. Maybe you still buy the same groceries that you did when you were together aka buying shit for people that you do not live with anymore. There are a lot of comforts that make a home a home. If sex was the wedge that drove them apart and not him cheating on her then that’s not a “bad” break in the truest sense. What I mean is that they ended on something that wasn’t catastrophic. He didn’t cheat on her; he didn’t fall out of love with her presumably; they grew apart in what they wanted/needed from a single another. They undoubtedly don’t hate one another. Will feelings remain? It’s been ten fucking years that they’ve been together; you’re goddamned right there will be lingering feelings there. If there weren’t, then I’d question the authenticity of their relationship.

Feelings don’t just shut off because you want them to. But I also understand that there are things we can and cannot deal with. Dealing with your beau’s ex may not be tolerable for you and it’s equivalent for all other folks. That’s fair. I’ve said before that trust is paramount. You have to be able to trust your partner in the most extreme circumstances; you have to trust them to make the right decision in the most stressful/testing of situations. Otherwise, why would you get into something deeper with them? If you believe in your man’s commitment to you and you trust him then his old flame shouldn’t be a bother. Nonetheless, you do have a right to be heard and to be respected. If you feel threatened by the ex, you need to let him know and you need to let him know that it’s not acceptable. If he respects you, he’ll keep in touch with you about it and work something out, though, I find it outside of reason that he would completely remove her from his life; perhaps he would lessen her overall impact… At some point, they both need to move on and that’s really hard to accomplish when exes keep on talking. Friendship can again exist someday, but time is needed to let things heal. In this instance communication and honesty is the way forward. Now get down to business and have a heart to heart with your man. Send me a sexy pic of yourself, too.

Seriously. Alex Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Ask the Urban Dater, Relationships Sleeping positions can reveal plenty about you; for example, if you hog the bed (my all time favourite position), it signifies that you like to have control of things – and that sums me up completely! Nonetheless, your sleeping position with your partner can say more about the type of relationship that you have. Whether you sleep with your back once again to your partner (also my favourite – I’m clearly miserable), or very close to them, there is a meaning behind it. Researchers say that you cannot fake your body language whilst being asleep which is why it is able to reveal so much. Your sleeping habits can reveal hidden strains in the relationship and in some cases, can even determining how long you have been together – or it might just be that you’re partner gets a serious case of toxic ‘morning breath’ and the only method of escaping the cloud of smell is always to turn your back in a half zombie like state. So, how do you sleep when you’re sharing your beloved bed? Below are a few of the very most common sleeping positions and what they certainly mean: Honeymoon Position This is when a couple sleeps in each others arms; it really is known as the honeymoon position because it is said to be most common during the first few years or being together – the ultimate ‘lovey, dovey, slushy‘ sleep position. The couple always want to be close to each other and also sleep facing each other.

nonetheless when you have been together for some time and have recently needs to face each other again, it could be an indication that you wish to be intimate and reconnect with your partner. Cuddling This is when you’re wrapped around your partner whilst facing the same direction. – it is often known as ‘spooning’. If the person on the outside, doing the wrapping is the man, they’re are said to be showing a sign of control and protection. On the other hand,  if the woman is doing this, she actually is demonstrating her nurturing nature. Again, this is common during the first few years of relationships. Looped Legs Looped legs can include several different positions, but always involves the couple linking their legs together. This demonstrates togetherness but it is also a sense of self-reliance and respect for each other’s individuality – again, the looped legs position may only occur during the first couple of years in a relationship – mainly due to the fact that many give up on the old ‘shaving’ duties after a while, and nobody desires to loop with a stubbly leg! Shingles The shingles position isn’t as bad as it sounds, trust me. This is when a head is resting on the other person’s shoulder, signifying that you’re more dependent on the other.

This is common as soon as the couple have been together for over a year. Distant Sleepers If you face away from each other and sleep with distance between you, relationship psychologists view this as symbolism for wanting to be independent. Most distant sleepers sleep on opposite sides of the bed; this signifies a lack of intimacy and certainly will often lead to a game I like to call ‘Duvet Wars’. This can be seen when couples have been married or together for a long period of time. It is also common after having young ones. Bottom Huggers This is if the couple sleep apart but still have their bottoms touching. It really is seen as giving each other space but nevertheless demonstrating that you want to remain intimate. There are a few variations of this for example, not facing each other but having your backs touching. This is frequently seen in married couples. Superwoman and Superman This is as soon as the woman is fully stretched out across the bed but the man is on the edge of the mattress. It indicates that the man takes the secondary position in the relationship but does not mind this, and allows the woman to take her space. Nonetheless, this also works the other way with a man being stretched across the bed and a woman sleeping on the edge – this will be called the Superman.

This can also be found when couples are arguing and are freezing each other out. Some of these positions shatter the illusions created by romantic films, you know the ones, where couples are seen holding each other whilst sleeping – does anybody really do that?! In fact this position is only common within the first few years of being together. It is possible to now identify which one of these you and your partner fall into and see what it reveals about your relationship – happy sleeping!   Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook4Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: bed hog, Dating, For Men, For Women, my boyfriend is a bed hog, my girlfriend steals the sheets, relationship, Relationships, sleeping, sleeping together, sleeping with a partner, sleeping with someone When getting ready for a first date everybody else, be they male or female, spend time preening because of their first date.

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